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Vaccine Production

ATS has proven experience in vaccine production ranging from egg processing to cell incubation and harvesting.

Processing a line up of glass vials containing liquid with an automated system background


We have experience designing and integrating automation to handle and process eggs through incubation, decapping and harvesting fluids and embryos.

Cell incubation

We have delivered systems to handle and track products through the incubation cycle. Incubators provide controlled growing conditions, supplying oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity to the chips and trays to optimize growing conditions.

cell culture & harvest

We have experience building systems capable of filling and capping thousands of bottles per day for production and incubation of cell cultures at various throughput levels from lab to high volumes. We have designed and integrated Robotic Cell Culture Systems to automate the planting, re-feed, seed, trypsinization and harvest of cells and/or virus in bottles in a Class 100 environment.

The system functions include:

  • Aseptic Production 
  • Isolator with temperature and laminar air flow control and monitoring
  • Incubating bottles in a temperature controlled environment
  • Rotating bottles in the incubator to ensure even distribution of beads and liquids
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