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High Accuracy Dispense & Placement

ATS has executed hundreds of high-accuracy controlled fluid dispensing applications for Life Sciences customers.

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Our long history of liquid handling is focused on high precision dosing to a variety of volumes. We have handled a wide range of products including biological materials, drugs, suspensions, solutions, and flammable and toxic chemicals.

We have integrated a wide array of technologies to dispense volume ranges from pico-liters to milliliters. We routinely integrate custom designs to facilitate cleaning between batches and quick-changeover methods to maximize machine availability.

Some application examples include:

Verification & Validation

In many applications we are required to monitor and control different product characteristics, including temperature, Ph and density. The dispense process can be monitored in-line or on-line using one of the following approaches:


We have vast experience in automated fluidics systems by integrating best in class components such as:

  • Fluid Storage
    • Pressurized fluid tank
    • Level sensing
    • Integrated weigh scale on fluid tank to monitor low level
    • Spillage detection
    • Safety shut-off valve
  • Dispenser
    • Positive displacement dispense
    • Time-pressure dispense
    • Peristaltic pump dispense
    • Piezo-electric dispense
    • Spray Coating
    • Pin transfer
    • Capillary transfer

Special Features

Some of the special features that can be part of our systems include:

  • Bubble removal
    • Bubble detection
    • Degassing
    • Pressurized fluid path
  • Nozzles
    • Heated nozzle
    • Nozzle tip designs
    • Periodic nozzle purging
    • Micro environment at nozzle tip to minimize drying
  • Environment
    • Clean room
    • Isolator (aseptic filling)
    • High humidity environment
    • Explosive environment for high volatile liquid
    • LEL sensing
    • Intrinsically safe hardware
  • Waste Collection
    • Carboy
    • Facility drain
    • Centralized waste collection system


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