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Data Tracking & Patient Order Fulfillment

Processing your product correctly and consistently.

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Our capabilities in associating data with physical parts are a very important part of our success. We routinely track parts in mold machines, on material handling and storage systems, in manual/automatic processes and even parts in mid air (briefly). When tracking parts, we always apply our vision of a fail-safe system with the proper level of verification and system validation to ensure the reliable handing of the product, including integration into machine-level or external data systems.


Patient Order Fulfillment highlights our ability to accurately and repeatedly track product through a complex workflow. We are capable of communicating detailed part information from various data sources at various intervals within a process. With this data, we can coordinate with your supervisory, resource or execution systems to coordinate simple or complex equipment sequences to properly process, label, verify, package and ship custom orders.

We have significant experience in integrating various product identification technologies, such as printer manufactures or laser markers. We implement extensive verification including 1D and 2D barcodes, RF tags ORC and OCV vision systems to verify the correct product and the correct label. QA requirements are seamlessly integrated with the automation such that exceptions are handled safely and efficiently. We sort and store product all the way to the shipping dock with the right level of monitoring and control.

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