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Batch & Recipe Management

Flexibility and reliability in configuring and controlling your equipment process.

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Configuring your PROcess

Today’s manufacturing requires a flexible, traceable and reliable batch management process. ATS has implemented batch control systems that range from batches that are locally constructed, stored, and selected at the HMI via an operator, to batches constructed and maintained remotely via an ERP or MES system and also loaded to the equipment remotely. The selection and implementation of a suitable batch / recipe management system is critical in ensuring the high performance, reliability and flexibility of your equipment and process.

Our batch design approach starts by using standards like ANSI 88 Batch Control, then defining the requirements, roles and interfaces between the business enterprise (ERP), Supervisory (MES, SCADA) and control system. Once this is done, we use the best available products and designs for the batch process. Recipes are managed in a very similar manner, with a higher level of interaction with the machine to include changes in machine functionality according to the changes in the recipe.

Principles of our batch and recipe management process include:

  • Integrated interfaces into the plant systems
  • intuitive and accurate control of batch states and restrictions
  • audit trails for tracking changes, actions and events
  • process simulation and batch optimization to maximize performance
  • active monitoring of process performance throughout the batch
  • positive and verified part tracking to ensure parts and reject are always within control
  • detailed reporting of the machine and batch performance and product reconciliation reporting
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