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Stents & Catheters

ATS designs and builds systems for the high-volume manufacture of medical products such as stents, catheters, syringes, and other surgical devices to meet strict safety regulations concerning the handling of sharp instruments.

stents with an automated system background 


We have designed and built a variety of drug-eluted stent processing machines ranging from stand alone drug coating and material handling cells to complete coating, curing and inspection systems.


Some of the processes we have incorporated into our systems are:


As an injectable device, verification of stent quality is critical. Some of the verification processes that have been incorporated into our systems include:

  • Ultra high precision weigh scales used to verify drug deposition
  • Vision inspection for:  
    • Stent damage
    • Coating defects
    • Contamination
  • Mass flow metering of spray gas to ensure consistent spray coverage


We have 10 years of experience providing manufacturing solutions for Coronary Angioplasty products. We also have expertise with urinary and heart/vascular catheter products. Examples of some of the systems we’ve built include:

  • Dilation catheter assembly lines
  • Hydrophilic coat and cure machines
  • Catheter tip fusing machine
  • Catheter shaft prep machine

Our machines are designed and built to reliably handle the tasks associated with the manufacture of catheters. The stations:

  • insert the cannula
  • apply adhesive
  • perform checks
  • siliconize
  • form the tip
  • label the finished product
  • transfer the product to the integrated packaging unit to be sealed in blister packs


Some of the processes ATS has incorporated into our systems are:

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