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Our needle handling experience helps customers produce a better product.

needle and vials with an automated system background 

needle & Cannula Handling

ATS has provided many automation solutions handling a large variety of needles and cannulae from pilot production to high volume, high speed manufacturing. The majority of these systems are used in the production of the following:

Our experience includes traditional and safety versions of these products. In many cases, the traditional variants can be assembled using several of our high speed cam platforms depending on your requirements. The process for safety versions or more complex traditional products may need additional flexibility to mix process times or specific technologies into the solution.

our Substantial Experience gives you confidence

ATS has substantial experience with the following needle and cannula handling processes giving you complete confidence in our ability to meet your specific requirements:

  • Feeding and loading of cannula from bulk
  • Needles range in diameter from 0.3mm (30ga) to 1.6mm (16ga)
  • Needles range in length from 18mm to 175mm
  • System throughput ranging from 15 parts per minute semi automated specialty product assembly to high volume commodity production exceeding 480 parts per minute
  • Siliconizing of needles
  • High precision needle tip orientation to better than +/- 5 degrees using ATS SmartVision™ imaging
  • Needle tip quality vision inspection using ATS SmartVision imaging.
  • Insertion of glucose sensing material in to formed needles.
  • Bonding using adhesives
  • Curing of adhesives using UV flood lamps or UV LEDs
  • Adhesive verification
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