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We have the expertise to assemble inhalers considering the complexity of their design and shape, and ensuring the reliability of their function.

high volume automation solutions deliver accuracy, repteability, & reliability

We develop state-of-the-art automation solutions to meet the most demanding challenges for our customers. Our systems deliver optimum results in all areas. For example, all processes are designed to avoid the generation of particulates. And printing is performed using a range of technologies to meet your requirements. Assembly concludes with sophisticated checks to verify outstanding inhaler quality. What’s more, our machines can produce between 20 and 140 inhalers per minutes.


Ultrasonic welding is a challenging process. And, when it comes to integrating this technology into your assembly system, we work hand in hand with the manufacturers of welding equipment. Together, we create perfect weld seams and spots for products that function correctly, reliably and without leakage. And, there are other assembly challenges we master. For example, we understand the need for products of unblemished appearance. So where necessary, we use protective films or special materials to prevent damage during welding.

We have experience in other areas of inhaler assembly, including:

  • Product types range from liquid filled canister to liquid Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) delivery
  • Dry powder with sophisticated triggering mechanisms
  • Active inhalation testing with API re-capture
  • Flow testing
  • Functional testing
  • Dose counter assembly


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