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Contact Lens & Ophthalmic Care

Our experience in processing and handling delicate parts lets us understand the challenges to manufacture your ophthalmic products.

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We have experience in many aspects and processes in the molding of contact lenses using various methods. We have integrated technology from our customers, and also developed new technology in cooperation with our customers. Some of the areas of expertise include:

  • Monomer dispense with Front Curve and Base curve forming the lens in controlled atmospheric gas mixture
  • Spin molding of contact lenses
  • Control and compensation for atmospheric condition surges
  • Verification and orientation of front curve and base curve molds
  • Multi curing zones using heat and visible spectrum lighting in controlled environments
  • Separation of base curve and hema ring during demold
  • Wet and dry demold processes
  • Cosmetic printing (colors) on contact lenses


Our experience in lens hydration systems includes various processes,  lens carrier designs and material handling  to ensure no damage to the lenses during transfer. We also have experience in primary packaging, including web handling, printing and sealilng of foil material under both wet and dry conditions. Some of the processes we have integrated include:

  • Wet/dry transfer lens from mold to hydrations carriers
  • Material handling of carriers through hydration process tanks
  • Load Hydrated lenses to primary package blisters
  • Dispense saline solution into the blisters
  • Dereel web, print and seal foil to the blisters, including surface treatment for improved seal performance
  • Foil printing using various technologies including laser marking/ablation, inkjet and pad print
  • Leak testing of packaging
  • Packaging with blister and flat foil
  • Secondary packaging, case packing and palletizing


We also have experience in other areas of ophthalmic care and spectacle manufacturing, including: :

  • Mold forming spectacle lenses
  • Spin coating of spectacle lenses
  • Lens autoclave process
  • Diagnostic “single lens” packaging
  • Small order automation
    • Packaging lot orders of various lens diopters in single packaging
  • Warehouse storage retrieval systems
  • Assembly of various ophthalmic surgery kits and devices
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