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Auto Injectors

In-depth experience with high volume consumables, needle sets, assemblies, scapels and surgical tools.

auto injector with an automated system background 

Multiple components, high complexity

We have developed technology for the manufacturing of a variety of auto injector devices. These complex devices present several challenges met by integrating our line of high speed assembly systems for:

  • Assembly requiring heavy compression spring forces
  • Orientation and assembly of odd form components (difficult to feed)
  • Vision inspection and segregation of rejects prior to assembly
  • Vision inspection of finished product
  • Functional testing prior to the addition of drug cartridge or syringe
  • Cartridge insertion force profile monitoringSeparate dry side and wet side operations
  • No glass-to-glass contact in cartridge or prefilled syringe handling
  • Tray feeding for pre-filled syringes and cartridges

Our developments can be integrated with any of the platforms and features we offer; we can address different combinations of ramp-up volumes, total throughput, flexibility and development required for special products. In several cases, we have also developed solutions in parallel with product development to reduce time to market.

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