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We can become an extension of your life sciences operation at every phase of design and development of both products and equipment solutions.

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Throughout our history we’ve led the industry by pioneering and innovating solutions that consistently set new benchmarks in automation system performance. With each new challenge and every new solution we’ve demonstrated the significant competitive advantage that an ATS automation solution can deliver—whether it’s boosting plant productivity, improving product consistency, or delivering the lowest cost per part possible.

Generating & proving concepts

We can leverage our diverse technical and engineering knowledge base and become an extension of your operation at every phase of design and development. We can generate and prove concepts using 3D simulation, develop requirements, specifications and prototypes, or even optimize your equipment design for more efficient assembly or commercialization.

We can reduce costs, reduce risk and improve time to market for your product by:

  • improving component and design choices
  • reducing the number of parts
  • design for manufacturing (DFM) / design for assembly (DFA)
  • optimizing design and serviceability for the field
  • making modifications to meet third-party product certification standards such as UL, CE or CSA

Optimizing the Manufacturing Process

With expertise in pre-production planning and documentation, we can work with your team to prepare your program for ramp up to full-scale production, to establishing a reliable supply chain, to preparing test and validation plans for quality control.

Providing sustaining services throughout the lifecycle of your product, our engineers and certified Six Sigma "black belts" continually review both products and processes—finding new ways to optimize the manufacturing process for each generation of your equipment.

With this knowledge plus a deep understanding of your process, environment and requirements we can define the best approach for your program. When multiple alternatives and drivers are present, we use additional tools to select an optimal balance in cooperation with your team.