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Sensors & Strips

We have experience manufacturing, handling and assembling sensors and strips for a wide array of applications.

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Applicable technologies in the sensor manufacturing include:

  • Web Handling, slitting, marking and lamination
  • Web Coating, Drying and Inspection
  • Wet Bench Processing
  • Laser Processing (Ablation, Cutting, Drilling)
  • Separation from Web and Individual Handling
  • Inspection and Testing

We have developed equipment for the assembly of sensors and needles for implantable applications such as blood glucose monitoring. Features include:

  • Overmolding of sensors for protection and alignment
  • Alignment, insertion and assembly of needles and sensors
  • Application of skin patch to finished sensor assembly


We have designed and built automated equipment for different types of sensing strips. The range of products we have handled includes variations of the following features:

  • Geometries – different sizes, formats and shapes
  • Reagents – variations in chemistry and function
  • Adhesives – as an assembly component
  • Electrode geometries and materials
  • Various packaging formats

Assembly Technologies for Strips

Our web conversion systems for strip assembly have incorporated a variety of assembly technologies including:

  • Lamination of both hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Accurate web alignment with active steering for coated or uncoated web
  • Auto unwind and rewind splicing are available
  • Forming of part features, inspection or reject marking can be provided for moving web
  • Flexible automation can accommodate a range of part configurations and sizes
  • Our systems can provide punching, shearing or laser machining for the creation of strip features or for strip singulation
  • 100% inspection is available for reject marking or removal of individual reject parts
  • System rates vary by application.  We have provided high speed manufacturing systems with rates of up to 1800ppm.
  • Integration with data management systems and MES and ERP systems

Integrating product & process for Strips

Our capabilities for integrating product and process technologies include:

  • Plasma treating or other web treatments can be included in our systems
  • We are able to accommodate a variety of dispensing methods for reagents, surfactants, etc., by slot die coating or controlled volume dispense
  • Packaging formats include flip top vials, stoppered vials, screw top vials and cassettes
  • Strips can be collated loose or in stacks
  • Batch and calibration codes can be accommodated with integrated labeling or laser marking systems
  • Calibration coding and marking systems can be provided for ROM chips, laser marking or other marking systems
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