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Lab Automation

We provide automated laboratory solutions that improve in-process parameter verification, quality and reliability.

Lab test tubes with an automated system background

We have a successful history providing custom design services for lab equipment and tooling. Our experience can be grouped in the following three general areas:

Specimen Processing and Delivery

Our automation solutions for scalable custom conveying, handling and processing systems for test specimens include:

  • Standardized modules for conveying, sorting and singulating of individual specimens, typically using bar code
  • Modules for capping and de-capping of  specimens
  • Modules for specimen orientation for reliable bar code reading
  • Integration with data management systems and MES and ERP systems
  • Robust data handling solutions to ensure data integrity and reconciliation of data with parts

Automated Cell Culture Systems

  • Automated filling of cell culture chambers
  • Automated incubation with temperature and humidity control
  • Controlled agitation during incubation
  • Controlled incubation environment gases and concentrations
  • Automated optical measurement, microscopy, fluorescence measurement, pH monitoring
  • Sensing of optical density, dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2
  • Automated cleaning (ethanol or bleach)
  • Capable of managing concurrent experiments
  • Optimized material handling to serve wide range of products with reduced floorspace
  • Controlled environment using Isolator or Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS)
  • Integration with data management systems and MES and ERP systems

Automated Labeling and Verification

We provide standard equipment to aid in accurate patient labeling and batch control for pharmaceuticals. Features include:

  • Automated patient labeling and product label verification for product fulfillment of pharmaceuticals
  • Full integration to MES, PLM and ERP systems
  • Flexible automation to accommodate random inputs for a range of packaging forms and sizes (e.g. cards and boxes) without changeover
  • Automated pick processing and batch control
  • Integrated Pick to Light racking
  • Integration with data management systems and MES and ERP systems

special projects

We partnered with life sciences companies to deliver best-in-class automation solutions for specialized applications. In many cases, these solutions are developed to become standardized products for replication as private label manufacturers. Examples of these applications include:

  • Fluorescence imaging systems to detect post-surgical leaks in the chest cavity
  • Decapper for medical specimen
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