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Electronic Meters & Devices

We manufacture and assemble electronic components for precision healthcare devices—such as blood glucose meters.

Meter & Device Assembly & Testing

We have extensive experience assembling electronic components, including blood glucose meters and other medical devices. We have supplied many systems for electric and electronic components, and continue delivering equipment in these industries. This gives us access to the latest developments in assembly and testing. We are familiar with typical processes in the assembly of electronics, including:

  • Automated tray handling of components
  • Circuit board de-paneling, population and soldering
  • Component inspection and testing prior to assembly to minimize impact of bad components
  • Full functional testing, vision inspection and meter configuration
  • Handling of critical components, such as displays and batteries,
  • Electronic connection, chip programming, calibration and wireless communication
  • Handling of cosmetic surfaces
  • Product printing and decoration using various technologies
  • High speed assembly platforms are available using ATS standard platforms which provide reliable, scalable and configurable to help accommodate product development and evolution.
  • Integration with data management systems and MES and ERP systems
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