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600 MW Solar Facility Success Story

A major manufacturer turned to ATS for automation support as they were building a 600 MW solar facility.

inside a solar facility with workers and automated solar assembly lines


With our customer’s vision to produce a state-of-the art, automated solar cell facility,  the plant-wide interconnect automation was a key piece of making the vision a reality. A combination of scale requirements and tight delivery timing on this $50 million global program required flawless coordination among our worldwide teams from North America, Europe, and Asia to complete.


To achieve the timing and machine performance goals, we tapped into our extensive knowledge base and used a broad range of ATS capabilities including consulting engineering through assembly automation and test. A highly capable technical team designed the machine and software elements in record time, while best-in-class program management organized the ATS activities globally. The ATS Supply Chain group worked with our partners on this project to ensure that materials were received when and where they were needed. 


ATS achieved and surpassed the customer’s goals with a reduced lead time of 40% and achieved cell breakage and machine performance levels which exceeded requirements.

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