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Lowest Cost Per Watt

Achieving a lower overall cost per watt is the most critical factor driving the economics and adoption of solar automation solutions.

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Process Equipment Engineering

In the automated assembly of fragile photovoltaics, achieving high yields is essential to maintaining tight control over cost. Our extensive expertise in process equipment engineering enables us to design and build custom and standard automation solutions that consistently achieve superior yields.

Our automation technology products include:

  • Cell sorters
  • Tabbers
  • Stringers
  • Lamination modules
  • Solar simulators

Proven Integration

As a world leader in turnkey automation solutions, ATS offers proven expertise in factory integration—from automated material handling, to complete quality and functional testing, to the final assembly of PV modules, to the integration of MES Manufacturing Execution Systems.

ATS can handle virtually any process demands, whether our customers require standalone modules, semi-automated workstations or a fully automated production line including:


  • Wet bench for silicon and wafer processing
  • Cleaning, etching, drying
  • batch or flow processes


  • Diffusion load/unload
  • PEVCD load/unload
  • Ultra low breakage
  • Cell test and sort


  • Turnkey module line
  • Semi to fully automated
  • High performance inspections including solar simular, vision, thermography

Thin Film

  • Laser scribe platform
  • Module assembly
  • Material handling
  • Custom processes

Concentrator Solar

  • Specialized assembly
  • Termination
  • Testing technologies

Thermal Solar

  • Assembly automation
  • Welding, dispensing, material handling
  • Testing
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