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ATS Solstice™ String & Layup

We excel at producing high quality modules requiring precision handling and placement of cells and strings.

solar wafer string layup automated system inspection

virtually break-free layup

The ATS Solstice™ String and Layup station uses industry standard stringers coupled with our virtually break-free layup to produce best-in-class modules.


  • Inbound cell inspection for chips and cracks
  • Handles cells as thin as 140 µm
  • Strings up to 12 cells/2 m long
  • Soft touch robot string handling
  • Tab preparation for bussing
  • SmartVision string inspection for ribbon placement, cell pitch, chips and cracks
  • Negligible layup breakage

See Solar Module brochure for details.

cover page for the ATS Solar Module Brochure

Feature Brochure

  • Solar Module

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