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ATS Solstice™ PV Measurement System

Maximized revenue generation comes from accurately rated modules.

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Accurately Rated Modules

The ATS Solstice PV measurement System helps achieve this by using an optimized combination of light source, instrumentation, and intelligent software, with testing at the cell or module level.


  • IV Curve and Wp power rating
  • Closed loop compensation using reference cell calibrated to NREL standards
  • 18 bit data acquisition
  • Continuity testing (includes string/j-box connectivity and frame continuity)
  • Hi-Pot testing at 5,000 V with µA current leak detection to verify safe isolation
  • Light source flexibility to suit a variety of applications
  • Module testing configured vertically or horizontally

See Solar Module brochure for details.

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Feature Brochure

  • Solar Module

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