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ATS Solstice™ Module Line

The ATS Solstice™ Module Line can be configured to your exact needs. The result is the same: superb turnkey lines ranging in capacity from 25 to 200 MW that provide you with the lowest cost per watt, faster time to market and greater peace of mind.

ATS solstice module solar line model

Custom Configuration

  • Glass load - automated or manual
  • Glass wash
  • EVA feed
  • String and layup - vision inspected, precision layup
  • Electro-luminesence inspection - minimizing warranty costs
  • EVA/backsheet feed
  • Lamination
  • Laminate trim
  • Junction box attach - robotic dispense, place, and solder
  • Framing - quick change set up for different sizes
  • Product transfer - multiple conveyance options
  • PV Measurement System - industry leading accuracy and performance
  • Packout - automated or manual

Lowest Cost per Watt

  • Labor versus automation
  • Impact of raw materials
  • Quality Assurance technology
  • Control systems and traceability

Faster time to market

Our global reach, scale of specialized resources and depth of solar automation experience helps you get to market faster.

Turnkey Responsibility

See Solar Module brochure for details.

cover page for the ATS Solar Module Brochure

Feature Brochure

  • Solar Module

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