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ATS Solstice™ Auto Framing

Framing provides the foundation for module mounting in the field.

automated solar framing system with robots

Quick change set up

The ATS Solstice™ Auto Framing station is a robust solution with quick change set-up providing flexibility to manage different module sizes.


  • Module width from 934 mm to 1064 mm
  • Module length from 1594 mm to 2030 mm
  • Quick change set-up for different sizes
  • Semi-automated frame key press, 6.6 kN force
  • Manually loaded frame infeed conveyors
  • Robotic load of framing station
  • Silicone dispensing
  • Auto glass flattening
  • Servo frame press with overload sensing
  • Soft touch module to conveyor unload

See Solar Module brochure for details.

cover page for the ATS Solar Module Brochure

Feature Brochure

  • Solar Module

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