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sortimat Spaceline™ Indexing Chassis

The sortimat Spaceline chassis provides high performance and flexibility while meeting the most challenging energy manufacturing requirements.

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Pallet transfer system transforms “dedicated” assembly

The sortimat Spaceline™ chassis was designed to meet the most challenging of manufacturing requirements.  The twin drive chassis uses a highly reliable and robust cam drive for stations, and a servomotor powered spindle drive for advancing pallets. On the small front ends of the machine, a differing cycle time can be realized.

The sortimat Spaceline chassis provides tremendous versatility. The modular design is often used in conjunction with special feeders and other machines working as satellites to final assembly work.

Spaceline Features

  • Servo driven spindle for pallet advancing
  • Combines two pallet cycles on same chassis
  • Suitable for up to ISO 7 (class 10,000) clean room environments
  • Hybrid servo fixture indexing with cam-controlled station tooling
  • Short lead time using standards for rapid deployment
  • Also available with pneumatic or servo actuated stations
  • Asynchronous pallet fixture transport for return or between multiple Spaceline modules

Optimized Solution: Merging Best in Class Technologies

Where pure cam or linear servo is not enough, the ATS OmniTrak™ platform combines the best of both worlds. Conceived as a natural progression of ATS sortimat technology, this optimal platform combines the cam driven stations of the Spaceline™ indexing chassis with asynchronous pallet movement provided by the programmable SuperTrak™ linear servo conveyor system.

See sortimat Spaceline product specification for details.
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Feature Brochure

  • sortimat Assembly platforms: Discovery, Jetwing, and Spaceline.

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See the ATS SuperTrak™ conveyor and the sortimat Spaceline™ platform working in unison, as the optimized OmniTrak™, to deliver the ultimate assembly automation platform with industry leading flexibility, modularity, and performance.