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sortimat Jetwing™ Indexing Chassis

The sortimat Jetwing linear assembly system lets you switch to a new product virtually overnight. This offers significant advantages to the energy sector.

conveyor system running into an enclosed processing station labeled as Jetwing

Standalone workcell or part of a larger, modular system

The sortimat Jetwing™ chassis can be used to launch a new product on an accelerated schedule. Manual workstations can be used to load components with sortimat Jetwing modules performing assembly, inspections, reject unload and good part unload tasks.

Subsequent upgrades can involve adding more sortimat Jetwing modules to run portions of an assembly process in parallel to increase throughput. The chassis can also be tooled with pneumatic, servomotor actuated or cam-controlled station tooling.

No pallet stops saves time

The sortimat Jetwing in-line synchronous chassis provides precisely controlled pallet fixture acceleration and deceleration by using a hybrid servo/cam control. Pallets travel from module to module or from manual load stations on a flexible link conveyor. When they enter a sortimat Jetwing module, they are advanced by a servomotor-driven barrel cam. 

Instead of queue stops and precision lift and lock stations, pallets advance under controlled motion and stop with precision. Index period and dwell time are adjustable to match process requirements.


The sortimat Jetwing linear indexing chassis benefits include:

  • Compact, modular design providing scalability
  • Unidirectional product flow
  • Integrates easily with manual assembly workstations
  • Hybrid servo fixture indexing with cam-controlled station tooling
  • Short lead time using standards for rapid deployment
See sortimat Jetwing product specification for details.
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Feature Brochure

  • sortimat Assembly platforms: Discovery, Jetwing, and Spaceline.

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