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Reactor Build Systems

ATS offers a depth of experience in refurbishing CANDU® reactors that’s hard to match.

experience with reactors

We have worked with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited™ (AECL) and others on over 100 nuclear projects, providing 360,000 labor hours including 40,000 engineering hours, and invaluable expertise of over 200 skilled engineers and technicians.


  • Engineered solution
  • Rugged Construction
  • Highly Automated and Vision Guided

Comprehensive Delivery

  • Accelerated delivery due to proven methodologies
  • Proven experience working in high-risk environments
  • Extensive reliability and robustness testing in mock-up facilities
  • Reduced risk of exposure to radiation
  • Reusable tools for future repeatable success

CANDU® reactor and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited™ are not registered marks of ATS Automation; they are marks of the owners thereof.