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Ultra-High Accuracy

From modular, high-accuracy, vision-guided work cells to fully integrated, multi-cell, pallet-based, manufacturing systems, we design and build some of the industry's most advanced high-precision automation applications for the energy sector.

graphic model of an enclosed, precision machine

Core Capabilities

Our systems incorporate both custom engineered and best-in-class standard modules to deliver unsurpassed accuracy, repeatability and durability. Our core capabilities are in the area of:

  • Placement
  • Process
  • Engineering

Placement Capabilities

We have vast experience in high accuracy placement systems with placement accuracy down to the sub-micron level.  High placement accuracy is achieved by integrating state-of-the-art motion system with real-time corrections using vision results and global references, in combination with automatic periodic calibration, effective vibration isolation, and thermal management.

Our expertise in high precision motion stages includes:

  • Air bearing stages (linear, rotary)
  • Linear motor (linear)
  • Direct drive torque motor (rotary)
  • Linear encoder or Laser interferometer feedback

ATS is a world-recognized leader in the area of Vision systems. We have experience with:

  • Multi-camera systems
  • High speed vision systems
  • Visible, UV, and IR imaging
  • Post placement verification

Vibration isolation plays a vital role in providing a stable high accuracy platform. Our vibration isolation offerings include:

  • Air spring mounts
  • Variable compliance elastomeric mounts
  • Air/torsion suspension vibration mounts
  • Active damping system with instrumentation and controller

Surpassing our customers’ expectations, we provide expert thermal designs with:

  • Temperature controlled assembly cell and nests
  • Kinematic mounts for high accuracy tooling and optics
  • Material thermal properties matching
  • Temperature compensation for laser interferometer feedback

Our highly effective solutions include automatic calibration, drawing on the following toolkit:

  • Calibration tools
    • Machine vision
    • NIST traceable vision reticule
    • LVDT/load cell/laser displacement sensor
    • Needle gauging tool
    • Custom calibration tooling
  • Automatic Calibration
    • Axis error mapping
    • Axis orthogonality calibration
    • Tool point offsets calibration
    • Camera scale calibration
    • Center of rotation calibration

Process & Engineering Capabilities

Delivering ultra-high accuracy systems requires a strong process knowledge base built on experience, and the right engineering skills; ATS is well equipped with these capabilities, and leverages the following tools and techniques in conjunction with our skills to deliver leading edge solutions:

Force controlled placement

  • Active force control (LVDT, load cells)
  • Passive force control (Bearing slide, flexure, calibrated springs)


  • Positive displacement
  • Time-pressure
  • Piezo-electric
  • Pin transfer
  • Capillary transfer
  • Engineering Capabilities

We use Compensation Algorithms for:

  • Thermal Expansion/Contraction Compensation
  • Automatic Runtime Learning Routine to compensate for offset drifts

We provide Thermal and Stress analysis on components for:

  • Specific thermal responses
  • Part distortions caused by Thermal variations
  • Constant temperature profile across the component (e.g. preheat stage, assembly nest)
  • Flexure Analysis
  • Customer Component Stress Analysis