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Diagnostics Decapper Success Story

An industry-leading diagnostics client wanted a module that could decap a variety of different test tubes (size and cap type) on their Laboratory Automation Lines.

medical glass tubes with various lid colours


The challenge of different sizes tubes (diameter and height), as well as different colored caps and different cap retention features (screw top, press fit, etc.,), made this extremely challenging.


To meet this challenge we:

  • Developed a user requirements specification which outlined the design and functional requirements
  • Completed the design keeping manufacturability in mind
  • Developed reliability test plans
  • Built prototypes
  • Conducted reliability testing for our client
  • Finalized design and brought product to market on budget, on schedule with full functionality as initially requested by our client
  • Provided on-site installation and training services on initial units


We successfully met all of our client’s requirements enabling them to provide a unique and versatile module to their Laboratory Automation product offering. The product was brought to market on budget and on schedule with full functionality meeting all design and functional requirements.