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DVD Automation Success Story

A large technology corporation needed high-speed automation to catalogue, sort and inspect returned DVD mailers.

dvd automation system


Our customer required a qualification build of five machines with complete design validation and full production factory acceptance test within 16 weeks of placing the order. Based on a successful qualification build, the customer concurrently required delivery of one machine per day over a 30 week period to assigned locations.


We leveraged the ATS global supply chain to source vendors that could supply quality parts delivered in an accelerated period of time. We developed process layout and manufacturing instructions to build machines with an assembly line approach. To ensure on time delivery, we cross-trained manufacturing team members. Throughout all phases, we used a weekly metrics scorecard to track quality, delivery and shipping schedules.


ATS delivered 100% machines to the customer’s schedule. As a result, the customer was able to install machines and start to process the product in three days from receipt.