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Centrifuge Module Success Story

A leading diagnostic company wanted to complete their design concept and bring a new product to market.

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Our customer needed us to build, integrate, and deliver 13 qualification units within 14 weeks, while implementing a very high level of engineering change affecting >50% of  the original bill of materials.

We also needed to prepare a production area for steady state volumes of 15 units/month immediately following qualification build.


Working collaboratively with the customer, we co-developed the manufacturing validation plan and assisted them with prototype builds at their site.

We provided design expertise to minimize future design changes and conducted weekly VA/VE meetings with the customer’s core team to help meet their budget. We also provided on-site installation and training services on the initial units. As a result of this collaborative approach, we successfully passed the customer’s quality audit.


This new product was brought to market on time and within the customer’s budget, despite the extremely high level of engineering changes required. And, we were awarded a multi-year sole source contract for this high-level assembly device.