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Value Analysis/Value Engineering

We perform value analysis and value engineering throughout the lifecycle of all projects. Our business processes have been developed to be flexible enough to respond rapidly to any design and configuration changes. So our customers can achieve significant cost savings with every generation of equipment we build.

grey table showing the decline of cost over time better than the target savings

Design for manufacturing

Process development can also extend to earlier engagement with Design for Manufacturing input. We routinely act as a product design consultant. In this capacity we can provide input on design improvements targeted to address your drivers which may include:

  • Reduce equipment cost
  • Reduce product cost or part count
  • Improve expected equipment quality and performance
  • Increase processing speed and/or reliability

Levels of engagement

Process development for your application may include one or more of the following activities:

  • Analysis of existing process and benchmarking
  • Research on engineering principles and similar implementations
  • Engagement of consultants and Pre Automation Solutions
  • Proof-of-principle and prototyping
  • Coordinated support of tests through our network of qualified suppliers

Engineering approach

We use a disciplined engineering process to find success in a systematic manner. Our view of the process as a system, rather than a collection of parts, allows us to do a more effective analysis of your process to identify its success factors. We have at our disposal tools such as:

  • Six-sigma methodologies
  • Design of experiments
  • Process simulation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Risk analysis


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