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Motor Success Story

A leading consumer goods manufacturer selected ATS to develop a fully automated line for the motor of their product.

a variety of small motors laid out over a white surface


  • Meet tight run-out tolerances on critical assembly process such as the rotor merging process
  • Fully automate four different assembly stages involving glue dispensing and curing at each stage
  • Improve cycle time and production output by 30%
  • Improve delivery lead time by 20%
  • Improve the cost by 10%


  • Strong engineering capability to design four different merging systems for the glue dispensing and curing at each stage
  • Strong collaboration with customer engineering team to improve cycle and machine performance
  • Strong supply chain and project management


  • Successfully achieved and managed to obtain high CPK of min1.67
  • Improved time to market by 20%
  • Gained market share by increasing production capacity.