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Consumer Goods Success Story

A major consumer goods manufacturer asked us to handle the design, development and fabrication of a Material Handling System.

dial with several nests and processing stations


The customer needed a Material Handling System that would manipulate razor blades assembled into a Blade Spindle. The key requirement was that there were thousands of blades per spindle and multiple spindles were mounted in one frame/carrier. The spindles would be housed in a buffer cart where the cart would be positioned to ensure accurate removal or insertion of the blade spindles to and from the cart and into a secondary machine for inline processing. Each loading and unloading stage was given an aggressive throughput time for the loading and unloading of the process equipment and for each carrier.


Working closely with our customer, the ATS team developed a concept for a floor mounted robot used to load the spindles to each carrier that then transferred the carrier to the processing equipment. The unloading and reloading of the processing equipment would occur every four minutes while the loading and unloading of the carriers would be less than 15 minutes.


The ATS Team exceeded expectations by developing a concept that would exceed the throughput requirements for loading and unloading of the processing equipment by 20% and the loading and unloading of the carrier by 12%. Although this was prototyped in a lab environment, the processes developed by the ATS designs will be leveraged in final machine designs for high volume production.