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ATS SmartVision™ Software

ATS SmartVision Software represents a significant breakthrough in cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and customization in vision systems.

Automation system with screen captures of the SmartVision software

Combining ease of use with high performance

ATS SmartVision software is a highly scalable PC-based vision system that combines a high-performance, platform independent vision engine with an easy-to-use standard interface.

Using programmable software logic, ATS SmartVision software can control virtually any industry-standard third-party camera and lighting system to perform high-precision part and defect identification, measurement, sorting, and robotic guidance. Over 3,000 ATS SmartVision software licenses are in use around the world.

Scalable across Application Types and Levels of Complexity

The ATS SmartVision engine can control multiple cameras in a single application to perform numerous independent sequences comprised of ordered lists of steps. Each step contains one ATS SmartVision software tool. Sequences can be single-stepped for debugging.

Results can range from a simple pass/fail condition to the more involved precise position of objects for complex applications. These results can then be used by other steps in the application. Programmable flow control provides for simple branching within sequences.

Powerful Toolkit

A complete set of modern vision tools is provided, including edge finding, blob analysis, measurement, OCR, barcode reading, scripting and image processing tools. Tools are dragged and dropped into an inspection sequence and are easily configured using simple dialog boxes. In addition, ATS SmartVision software has the capability of integrating third party vision tools for specific applications. Several third party tools are available and more are added as required.

Rapid Application Development

ATS SmartVision software provides a rapid application development platform for machine vision applications. Many applications can be developed with no traditional programming required.

For highly complex applications, a scripting tool is provided to allow programming logic to be created without the need for a compiler or any other external development environment. For the most sophisticated users, ATS SmartVision software can be embedded into a traditional software to create custom interfaces. ATS SmartVision software also leverages leading open source software.

Strong Communications Infrastructure

ATS SmartVision software takes advantage of advanced communications protocols making integration faster and easier for standardization across your organization.

Remote Configuration and Troubleshooting

A TCP/IP link can be used to create and modify inspection sequences. As a result, the support and troubleshooting of vision applications can be deployed remotely from anywhere around the world.


  • Extensive and powerful vision toolkit
  • Rapid application development
  • Highly scalable range of applications
  • Remote configuration over TCP/IP
  • Strong integrated communications
  • Competitively priced
  • Proven in a wide range of industrial environments
  • Hardware independent
  • Easy to learn
  • Standard or custom GUI interfaces
  • Flexible local and remote image viewing
  • Multiple Language Support (English, French, German, Simplified Chinese)

ATS SmartVision Architecture

detailed image with the complete architecture of the smartvision software

smartvision datasheet with text and vision cameras with glass cylindrical tubes

Feature Brochure

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