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ATS850™ Clean Room Conveyor

The ATS850 conveyor is ideal for applications requiring high reliability, cleanliness, and non-contact queuing.

ats850 conveyor with a pallet changing directions by the conveyor rotating

The ATS850 conveyor eliminates all types of electro static discharge requirements. This asynchronousbi-directional pallet transport system solves part transport needs in manufacturing environments in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, disk drive and flat panel display industries.

It is easy to assemble, install, and re-configure to new assembly processes or parts. The ATS850 conveyor offers simple and flexible flow controls through separate localized zone control logic within the conveyor frame.

Features & Benefits

  • Open-center design maximizes downward air flow ensuring the cleanliness of the process
  • Parts are accessible on top and bottom maximizing the use of space
  • Continuous conductive path from pallet to ground eliminates damaging electro static discharge
  • Easily adjustable sensor positions for accurate repeatability
  • Fully enclosed drive components for adequate protection and long life performance
  • Individual stepper motor drive for each roller ensures precise control
  • Step rollers allow different pallet sizes on the same conveyor
  • Can be mounted on legs and tables or hung from the ceiling
  • Meets Class 10 Clean Room standard
  • Quiet and smooth ride for the parts transported

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Feature Brochure

  • The ATS850™ Cleanroom Conveyor

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ATS850™ Conveyor

Did You Know?

Clean room class 10 means no more than 10 particles of 0.5 micrometers (μm) per cubic foot of air and we meet that class

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