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Printers & Ink Jet Cartridges

ATS has been designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality equipment for inkjet manufacturers, meeting their entry-level to high-production requirements.

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Specialized Consumer Electronics

Our reputation for high-quality equipment results from the extensive inkjet process and manufacturing know-how. We offer industry-leading capability in the integrated assembly of printer and ink jet cartridge devices, as well as specialized consumer electronics. We design and build turnkey work cells for the assembly of printer, scanner, and inkjet cartridges. Our high-speed assembly robots are incorporated in assembly cells for continuous production

The cost-effective ATS Superbot™ robot delivers extremely high speed with a 95% usable work envelope and is scalable for a wide range of application. ATS Superbot robot offers the material handling capability to sort cartridges, chips, circuit boards and other electronic media, at a rate of 3000 units per hour.

ATS has a great depth of experience and knowledge in the precision assembly applications required to meet the needs for speed, precision and reliability in the assembly of printers and inkjet cartridges.

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