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From advanced processes such as pharmaceutical dose dispensing and counterfeit protection, to more traditional cartoning and bar code labeling, ATS provides a wide range of integrated packaging solutions.

small cartons on programmable pallets being date stamped

Cost-Effective Reconfigurable, Modular Solutions

ATS provides cost-effective reconfigurable, modular solutions for packaging such as the ATS FlexsysPAK™ solution. Packaging operations from blister form, fill and seal to cartoning and case packing can be configured around the ATS FlexsysPAK solution. The ATS FlexsysPAK solution is ideally suited for a wide variety of tasks, from assembly and dispense to kitting and packaging.

Higher equipment efficiencies

The ATS FlexsysPAK concept achieves higher equipment efficiencies than competitive systems due to the innovative ATS Supertrak™ pallet conveyor. This higher machine productivity is achieved by:

  • Lower maintenance costs compared to typical chain and linkage systems
  • Less downtime; with no sensors, actuators or stops, maintenance is greatly reduced compared to traditional material handling concepts
  • Higher quality (less scuffs, abrasions, etc.) due to reduced product material handling and movement

Quick Changeover

Packaging customers with high variability will discover that the ATS FlexsysPAK concept allows them to adapt to different carton, blister or tray styles more easily than conventional solutions. Adjustable pallets, or pallets with inserts, allow changeover between different product styles to occur quickly and easily.

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