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High Volume Assembly

Reliability and time to market are critical in high-volume assembly and packaging of products. ATS high-speed manufacturing systems deliver sub-second cycle times with the absolute lowest number of defects.

tray handler with stacks of parts being processed

Full-Service Solution

Our goal is to provide you with a full-service solution to your product and manufacturing needs. We can take on an extensive array of projects from quick turn prototypes to high-volume production with proven automated processes.

Our automated processes—together with proprietary design practices—enable the precision assembly of products. To give you the ultimate in flexibility, we incorporate technology that is modular and expandable, such as our ultra-fast robotsATS Supertrak™ high speed programmable transport systems, flexible feeders and our high-volume tray handlers.

High Degree of Accuracy & Flexibility

We specialize in applications that require a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. We can provide assembly systems with flexible volumes giving you the ability to adjust faster to greater future demands.

Through years of experience and deployment of thousands of systems, we possess the experience, methods and processes necessary to provide you with the automated precision required for high reliability and high-throughput to support high volume production.

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