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We are regularly creating new and innovative manufacturing systems. Explore our video library to see some of our best-in-class technology in action, and gain insight into our high performance automation and service solutions.

SuperTrak Gen 2
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The GEN2 SuperTrak Conveyor Technology
Vibratory Case Study
Feeders | Products
This Success Story video shows the solution to our customer‘s challenge of sorting, feeding and orienting different models of metal discs and electrical contacts for further processing.
sortimat Elevators
Feeders | Products
Elevators are an ideal solution for moving large volumes of parts from storage hoppers with low filling heights, and help guarantee machine autonomy.
sortimat Step Feeders
Feeders | Products
Step feeders separate and transport parts through a series of steps. Parts are sorted and oriented on the linear tracks.
sortimat Drum Feeders
Feeders | Products
Drum feeders are ideal for feeding small, unstable parts that can easily entangle or statically charge.
sortimat Bowl Feeders
Feeders | Products
Our bowl feeders store, convey and sort multiple parts of many shapes and sizes in diameters ranging from 100 mm to 800 mm.