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We are regularly creating new and innovative manufacturing systems. Explore our video library to see some of our best-in-class technology in action, and gain insight into our high performance automation and service solutions.

Flexible Container Handling
Conveyors | Handling | Life Science | Consumer & Electronics
The ATS flexible container handling system has been engineered to handle a wide variety of pouch materials and container sizes while meeting the flexible, modular and scalable production demands of the life sciences, consumer products and food & beverage industries.
ATS Company Overview
Conveyors | Handling | General | Life Science | Transportation | Energy | Consumer & Electronics | Contract Manufacturing
ATS offers a wide range of factory-wide automation solutions. See what innovative systems and products have been developed by our world class teams.
sortimat Clearliner™ Handling Technology
Handling | Products | Life Science
sortimat Clearliner™ clean room handling technology feeds parts rapidly, smoothly and precisely to the production process and removes them again with the same care and speed once assembled—regardless of whether you use trays or pallets.