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We are regularly creating new and innovative manufacturing systems. Explore our video library to see some of our best-in-class technology in action, and gain insight into our high performance automation and service solutions.

ATS Company Overview
Conveyors | Handling | General | Life Science | Transportation | Energy | Consumer & Electronics | Contract Manufacturing
ATS offers a wide range of factory-wide automation solutions. See what innovative systems and products have been developed by our world class teams.
Illuminate™ Factory Floor Management System
Life Science | Transportation | Energy | Consumer & Electronics | Services
The Illuminate Factory Floor Management System is a powerful web-based reporting tool that monitors and tracks the performance of your automation systems.
SuperTrak Gen 2
Products | Life Science | Transportation | Energy | Consumer & Electronics | Contract Manufacturing
The GEN2 SuperTrak Conveyor Technology
2017 ATS Annual Meeting Presentation
The ATS 2017 Annual Meeting presentation.
Flexible Container Handling
Conveyors | Handling | Life Science | Consumer & Electronics
The ATS flexible container handling system has been engineered to handle a wide variety of pouch materials and container sizes while meeting the flexible, modular and scalable production demands of the life sciences, consumer products and food & beverage industries.
Vibratory Case Study
Feeders | Products
This Success Story video shows the solution to our customer‘s challenge of sorting, feeding and orienting different models of metal discs and electrical contacts for further processing.