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Quality & Compliance

Our customers can be confident that ATS has the world-class processes in place to meet even the strictest quality standards.

The ATS Evolution with the Quality Management System

ATS has been registered to the ISO 9000 generation of standards for over 15 years. A central component of the ATS quality management system is based on the PDCA model.

ATS maintains a global registration to 9001 and has expanded to ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and VDA registration for several key divisions. In addition, ATS has incorporated a quality management system compliant to CSA Z299.2-85 within the Nuclear Cambridge Division.

ATS' founder Klaus Woerner accepting the ISO 9001 certification
Founder Klaus Woerner accepts the first ISO certificate back in the 90s.

Dedication to Quality

ATS takes pride in the quality, development and building of automated equipment. A core value within the ATS work environment is the ability to identify trends and implement opportunities for improvement. ATS is committed to providing superior quality to our customers through the use of Lean and error proofing techniques.


Teamwork has contributed to ATS’ quality success for over 25 years. All employees are committed and take pride in the quality of products and services that we provide. All employees actively participate in the ATS Continuous Improvement Program making us one of the leaders in the automation industry.

Please contact the Global Director of Quality for more information on ATS’ quality foundation and associated programs.

The EMC Statement of Certification from an accredited body (TUV) confirms compliance to the following:

  • IEC 61000-6-2  Generic Immunity: Industrial Equipment
  • IEC 61000-4-2  Electrostatic Discharge Immunity
  • IEC 61000-4-3  Radiated Electromagnetic Field Immunity. Amplitude Modulated.
  • IEC 61000-4-4  Electrical Fast Transient /Burst Immunity
  • IEC 61000-4-5  Surge Immunity
  • IEC 61000-4-6  Common Mode Conducted RF Immunity
  • IEC 61000-4-11 Voltage Dropout & Variations
  • EN61000-6-4  Generic emissions: Industrial Equipment
  • EN 55011  Conducted Emissions
  • EN 55011  Radiated Emissions

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

GMP - good manufacturing practices logo

GMPs are the guidances arising from various regulatory bodies’ legislations. They form the foundation for the practices and systems to be adhered to in manufacturing, quality control, and distribution of life sciences related products. They cover the manufacture, testing, and packaging of pharmaceuticals (including active pharmaceutical ingredients), diagnostics, foods, medical devices, combination products, blood and blood components, and biologics. The intent of the GMPs is to ensure patient safety through product integrity.

ATS applies Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to life sciences programs through machine design, materials-for-construction selection, assembly methods, documentation, change control and validation.

Note: Applicable to certain divisions only.

ATS Global Quality Systems Overview Presentation

ATS Global Quality Systems Manual