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Enhanced Global Service Support

Our Global Services team is here to help with all your equipment services requirements, including Enhanced Remote Support.

To our Valued Customers,

We are committed to ensuring that we can continue to support the critical needs of our customers. The work we do to provide automation solutions, services and remote support enables our customers to deliver their products to market quickly and at the highest levels of quality. Our commitment to innovation and quality are vital in ensuring that our customers can continue to operate and get their critical products to market.

Here are some of the ways that we can and will support you from a service perspective during this time.

ATS Enhanced Remote Support
We are able to support our customers through our Enhanced Remote Support platform (direct access to subject matter experts through PLC connectivity, videoconferencing, whiteboarding, live machine views for triage & possible issue resolution). Please feel free to contact your service tech directly and they can work with you in cases where our employees may need to be recalled from the field or cannot travel to your site, and also to rapidly enable our tools & resources. The supporting technology is easy to use and does not require your teams to install software.

Discuss with your ATS Service and/or training representative as to how we may be able deliver on existing training commitments remotely. Also consider how your company may benefit from our Smart Coach™ training tool – our experts create the content – your operators and technicians access it, on demand, whenever they need it and wherever they are. Smart Coach is convenient, mobile, on demand, globally accessible, and customizable. For a demonstration and/or access to our Supertrak™ Smart Coach content, please contact your dedicated account manager or your local ATS training representative.

IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence Software
You may be able to leverage Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence, Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing system to control, analyze, monitor and share all of your production information with any number of people anywhere in the world. Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence is the backbone for remote and shop floor diagnostics, improving and reducing maintenance costs and activities and delivering production improvements through your browser, phone or tablet. Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence pinpoints where to focus efforts to reduce downtime, realize OEE gains, maximize line throughput, and improve product quality. When ready, feel free to work directly with your ATS contact to learn more about Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence.

Spare parts
We recognize that having the right parts on your shelf to minimize any potential downtime is critical, particularly in the current environment. The ATS Service team can work with your team to identify critical parts for your continued operation. Please contact your dedicated Service team to discuss how we can support you with this effort.

Reliability Services
Reliability Services can support daily/weekly coordination and planning meetings focused on overcoming production challenges. We can assist to establish standard reports, develop notification protocols for key stakeholders and review performance data to support machine performance and set-up issues. If this is something that would be helpful, this can be done remotely via our ATS Enhanced Remote Support approach (see above). Additionally we are able to develop targeted maintenance programs designed for “return to service” purposes or any other upkeep needs your facility may have when we are able to return to a more normal state. Please contact your local Service team for more information.

Please feel free to share the above information with additional members of your engineering and production teams who may find any of our Services useful for your operations.

If we can be helpful to your organization, please reach out to your local ATS contact for further information and support, or contact us directly at We are ready to assist with whichever approach works best for your company and employees during this time.


Simon Roberts
Senior VP – After Sales & Service