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10 Things To Know About ATS

We have a lifetime of experience automating manufacturing processes. Our industry-leading automation solutions continually advance the state of the art.

1. Innovation

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We are the world leader in creating benchmark automation solutions across diverse sectors.

2. Experience

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We set the pace with over 23,000 projects successfully completed worldwide.

3. Scale of Resources

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We draw on our deep knowledge base — that includes 4,400 employees and a vast network of highly-skilled partners and suppliers — for every project we undertake.

4. Global Footprint

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We have 23 facilities and support locations around the globe to serve you.

5. Financial Strength

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The positive financial results from our automation business and healthy balance sheet solidify us as a strong partner with a clear intention for long-term relationships. 

6. Cross Industry Synergy

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We leverage the insights and best practices from all the markets we serve to create a unique multi-industry synergy that we can apply to your project.

7. Proven Methodologies

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We use a combination of proven methodologies, based on the Project Management Institute's five-phased project lifecycle, and global best practices to ensure the successful implementation of your requirements.

8. Technology Portfolio

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We have years of experience supporting automation projects and have built up an extensive technology portfolio that will work for you.

9. Best in Class

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We follow a three-step innovative and thoroughly-tested process to provide best-in-class solutions — investigate, integrate, and innovate.

10. Leadership

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Our unparalleled depth of expertise gained from being a world leader in automation directly benefits every project we undertake.