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Custom Test Software

Our test software features flexibility for our customers in the form of user defined test/system parameters as well as user defined pass fail criteria.

Test Executive

Our experienced staff have developed an extensive library in C# and .net, featuring performance-proven software modules that can be easily customized to meet each customer's unique requirements. 5th Generation Test Executive software offers a robust and reliable template written in Microsoft C# .NET. It has been deployed more than 500 times in multiple market segments with Multi-language support.


  • High Sample Rate Signature Analysis (envelope, Peak, RMS, Duty Cycle, etc)
  • Waveform signal generation
  • High accuracy measurement capability
  • Seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of instruments and devices
  • Communicating to automotive bus diagnostics (CAN, LIN, K-Line, Class 2, SCP, etc.)
  • Servo / Stepper motion control
  • Full Host automation PLC interface includes automatic part type changeover, failure mode, rework mode and test systems ready status


  • Proven and reliable software platform
  • Intuitive visual tools - colour-coded results
  • Easily configurable limits and test settings
  • Automated reporting and long term results storage
  • Comprehensive informative screens, graphs
  • Scripting Test Environment: Increased flexibility allows for more simple test sequence modifications
  • Build in label designer
  • Written using latest Microsoft® technology
  • Support for independent testing of multiple test fixtures
  • Extremely fast execution and acquisition speeds
  • Supports multiple languages and character sets
  • Multi-level system access controlled by configurable passwords
  • Enhanced system hardware diagnostics capabilities to assist in engineering analysis and product debug

In addition to our standard offerings, if a customer requests a specific software package, ATS can still deliver.

Labview Suite

Dozens or implementations over the past 5 years. Similar look and feel to ATS Test Executive, with a subset of its advanced features such as:

  • Intuitive visual tools, such as colour-coded results, displays, and messaging
  • Powerful part configuration menus and customization
  • Customizable password protection
  • Comprehensive support of OPC server, TCP/IP, RS232/485, CAN/LIN
  • Native NI Hardware support

Further Expertise

If requested, we also offer complimentary programming expertise in SQL Server programming, as well as PLC packages.

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