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SuperTrak Micro

Meet the Next Generation in Automation

With payloads of up to 1.5 kg and part spacing as low as 50 mm, SuperTrak Micro is an ideal platform for small part assembly and processing.

Platform overview

Sort and divert With part spacing as little as 50mm, process flexibility has a new meaning.

Data Sheet

Motor Length: 660 mm
Product Fixture Width: 50-500 mm
Maximum Speed: 4m/s
Acceleration: 1.5 g with 1.5 kg payload
5 g with 0.25 kg payload
Payload: 1.5kg for a 50mm shuttle and 3kg for a 100mm shuttle
Communication: Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, discrete I/O**
Process on Curve: Yes, full control
Carrier Options: Standard mover configuration with 50 or 100 mm magnet array options
  * SuperTrak ™ Micro will not be available for sale in the United States until after September 2018.
  ** Higher payloads possible. Contact ATS with application details.
  *** Other protocols are possible. Contact ATS if other protocols are desired.

Product information

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