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Inspection & Test Systems

Critical attribute monitoring during automated processing is essential to consumer and electronics manufacturing success.

digital tool measuring the surface of the stainless steel part

Monitoring of Critical Product Attributes

As we strive to build the most reliable and repeatable equipment in the industry, we understand that all assembly processes have the potential to impact key product attributes. That’s the reason our automation systems for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing monitor and measure key product attributes on an ongoing basis.

To achieve this, we integrate products from other vendors that provide cost-effective inspection and test systems for assembly processes. If you’ve standardized on a particular inspection or test system vendor, chances are that we have previously integrated their products into our equipment. We have experience working with hundreds of different test and inspection products, giving us the expertise to deliver a robust and reliable system.

When an off-the-shelf test or inspection product is not available, we also have the specialized skills and capability to develop test processes to fit your unique requirements. Regardless of approach, your critical product attributes will be monitored during production, confirming that they meet their design requirements now and into the future.

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