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Cam Servo & Pneumatic Motion

Three drive technologies combine to open a world of possibilities for the technology sector.

automated dial with stainless steel cam operated mechanisms

The right motion source can define a successful project

Process requirements typically define the drive selection. A successful project looks beyond the process and considers future products, new technologies available and budget limitations, among other factors. We have deep experience with many different variations of these motion sources and can balance the factors to deliver success consistently to your project.

Within any machine we can combine other technologies to provide additional flexibility.

Cam-driven machines deliver accurate high-speed results

Our family of companies has been designing and building cam-driven machines for over 50 years. The result of this long history is several standard cam-driven machine platforms that are built for many years of continued operation with consistent, accurate and high-speed results.

Cam-drive technology offers the ability of accurate, high speed repeatable motions with low controls processing requirements. Typically a single drive is required to provide these features within a single cell.

Pneumatic-driven machines allow easy maintenance

Pneumatic cylinders and actuators use compressed air as a modular and discrete source of motion. These are traditionally used for medium and low speeds, and offer a cost-effective solution for point-to-point movements and sequential events. The combination of discrete motion and a control system can provide significant intelligence on the work to be done and allow easy process maintenance.

Servo-driven machines are highly-controlled source of motion

Servo motors provide a highly-controlled source of motion. The ability to program speed, position, acceleration, etc., gives these systems great flexibility. They are traditionally used for high speed, variable and coordinated motion. Servo motors offer a high degree of intelligence and demand a more complex control system.

Combined approach provides better solutions

Our solutions easily integrate these motion technologies on the same machine and apply them as necessary. This means that a cam machine can integrate a servo mechanism as part of a process and also that cells of different technologies can work together to provide better solutions.