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Scalable Modular & Flexible

We have the expertise to meet the product variation, production schedule, business targets, and strategic drivers for our customers.

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Solutions that meet your needs & optimize results

Meeting the needs of your manufacturing plan means striking the right balance between scalable, modular, and flexible manufacturing technologies. As with all automation projects, we start by developing a complete understanding of your particular requirements. Next we access our extensive knowledge base and technology offering to create a plan tailored to your needs.

Lean cells bring low capital cost

Lean cells bring low capital cost focused on process and use operators for material handling and adjust-to-part variations. This approach is well suited for quick delivery and process development.

Semi-automated systems increase throughput

Semi-Automated systems offer increased throughput and integrate the benefits of manual operations. The system can be compatible with lean cells and full automation.

Ramp-up plan increases capacity

A comprehensive ramp-up plan addresses production schedules, capital investment, common processes and equipment logistics to minimize business disruption through increases in capacity. This requires consideration of the production conditions before, during and after changes take place—including process stability and validation. With our wide technology offering we can maximize the value of a proper ramp-up plan.

High-volume capacity solutions

Solutions with high-volume capacity require an optimal mix between material handling and equipment utilization. Operations are separated into faster steps with a detailed understanding of process requirements and available technologies. In many cases, a combination of technologies matches each step of the process with the best equipment to maximize speed and value.

Future product changes

We provide solutions ready for future changes—either during machine design and construction, or after delivery. With an increasingly modular offering, product design changes are addressed within the flexibility of the equipment. In many cases we modify machines for new catalog numbers even after years of service.

Focused approach

Our solution design is driven by a deep understanding of your needs before we define a solution. We analyze alternatives and provide you with an offering that balances the many sides of your business requirements.

Depending on the number of variables, we can offer various tools to help define the optimal solution. The tools that we use during this phase include:

  • Extensive Planning—including Pre Automation Solutions
  • Process Planning and Testing—including research, benchmarking, Proof-of-Principle and prototype testing
  • Access to our global network  for experience and technological developments across many industries

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