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Process Development

Partnering with our customers to bridge the gap between design and production.

man with shopcoat testing a piece of machinery

Design for manufacturing

Process development can also extend to earlier engagement through Design-for-Manufacturing input. We routinely act as a product design consultant. In this capacity we can provide input on design improvements targeted to address your drivers which may include:

  • Reduce equipment cost
  • Reduce product cost or part count
  • Improve expected equipment quality and performance
  • Increase processing speed and/or reliability

Levels of engagement

We can adjust the efforts to develop a process depending on the amount of certainty on its results. Process development for your application may include one or more of the following activities:

  • Analysis of existing process and benchmarking
  • Research on engineering principles and similar implementations
  • Engagement of consultants and Pre Automation Solutions 
  • Proof-of-principle and prototyping
  • Coordinated support of tests by our network of special equipment suppliers

Engineering approach

We use a disciplined engineering process to find success in a systematic manner. Our view of the process as a system, rather than a collection of parts, allows us to do a more effective analysis of your process to identify its success factors. We have at our disposal tools such as:

  • Six-sigma methodologies
  • Design of experiments
  • Process simulation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Risk analysis