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We are regularly creating new and innovative manufacturing systems. Explore our video library to see some of our best-in-class technology in action, and gain insight into our high performance automation and service solutions.

sortimat Drum Feeders
Feeders | Products
Drum feeders are ideal for feeding small, unstable parts that can easily entangle or statically charge.
sortimat Bowl Feeders
Feeders | Products
Our bowl feeders store, convey and sort multiple parts of many shapes and sizes in diameters ranging from 100 mm to 800 mm.
ATS SuperTrak™ conveyor & sortimat Spaceline™ indexing chassis: Assembly Automation Synergy
Conveyors | Products | Life Science | Consumer & Electronics | Energy | Transportation
The ATS SuperTrak™ conveyor is a revolution in programmable high-speed pallet transport. When combined with our sortimat Spaceline™ indexing chassis, industry leading flexibility, modularity, and performance are delivered. See it at work from the inside.
ATS Lyoscan™ High Speed Inspection
Life Science | Products
The ATS Lyoscan™ is a high performance vision inspection system for lyophilized products and vials from 3ml to 30 ml. Powered by ATS SmartVision™ software, up to 25 cameras inspect the stopper, cap, body and contents at rates of up to 400 units per minute.
ATS Company Overview
Conveyors | Handling | General | Life Science | Transportation | Energy | Consumer & Electronics | Contract Manufacturing
ATS offers a wide range of factory-wide automation solutions. See what innovative systems and products have been developed by our world class teams.
ATS850™ Conveyor
Conveyors | Products | Life Science | Consumer & Electronics
The ATS850™ conveyor is designed for processes that require high reliability, cleanliness, Electro Static Discharge (ESD) control and non-contact queuing. The modular design offers flexibility for the first installation as well as for the future floor plan changes.